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Self-Directed Retirement Plans

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In 1997, the Tax Payer Relief Act made it possible for precious metals to be added to retirement accounts. Storing physical gold in your retirement plan is a way to achieve diversification and increase the stability of your investment strategy.

Gold has often been called the “crisis commodity” because it tends to outperform other investments during periods of political or economic turmoil. Factors that cause other investments to suffer will traditionally cause the price of gold to rise. Having a portion of your assets allocated into a Gold Eagle IRA is very important and highly recommended.

Your IRA transfer and former 401(k) rollover are tax free! As always, when you hit retirement, you can take possession of your precious metals as IRA distributions.

Preservation of your personal buying power

It’s said that if men were angels, we wouldn’t need laws. If central banks didn’t print dollars, we wouldn’t need to own gold and silver. Protecting your buying power is essential to a successful long-term wealth strategy.

Diversification away from paper assets

If everything you own is denominated in US Dollars, you are 100% exposed to the losses created by the Federal Reserve’s printing press as well as a potentially catastrophic loss of confidence in paper currencies. True diversification is owning a completely different class of asset.

Security of knowing your wealth is protected

Most investors own a piece of gold for their peace of mind. In many ways, gold is financial insurance. You’d rather have it and not need it than the other way around.

Gold IRA Security

Gold Eagle IRA takes your
investment's security very seriously.

Personalized Custody

All precious metal assets held within your Gold IRA are maintained in customer-specific custody accounts, on a fully insured basis, and off of the depository’s balance sheet. They are not held as deposits or consignments. Moreover, all commercial inventories are physically segregated by corporate accounts, thereby increasing control, reducing audit time and enhancing overall security while satisfying many stringent insurance and regulatory requirements.

Working with our clients, Gold Eagle IRA provides a variety of insured and reported arrangements to meet your precise needs. Whether your precious metals are held in one of our recommended storage facilities, a secure location you maintain, or even buried on your property, we will insure the security of your important investment.

Transfer Services

Precious metals can be shipped on an insured basis almost anywhere. Insured shipments can be arranged using USPS, Fed-Ex, or various armored transport companies. Security, flexibility, and discretion is our highest priority throughout the entire life cycle of our client relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer assets into a Gold IRA?

Any advisor will tell you it’s important to diversify your investment portfolio. What many commissioned advisors forget to mention, is that a great way for increased diversification is to invest away from currency-related assets. Our global economy is fragile and governments are often forced to devalue their currencies in an effort to stimulate economic growth. This causes inflation that can reduce the value of your hard-earned investments, but this will not happen with precious medals! Gold, Silver, and other precious medals can provide stable and secure opportunities to truly diversify your investment portfolio.

What is the rate of return on a Gold IRA?

Gold Eagle IRA will not speculate on the future price of precious metals. As with every investment, you must understand the risks involved, but if you would have invested $25,000 in Gold 30 years ago, the current net worth would be over $500,000. Even with this being said, Gold Eagle IRA believes investing in precious metals in not as much about the rate of immediate return, but the longevity of a stable investment that diversifies any portfolio.

Can I Put Gold In My Retirement Account?

Yes, however most financial companies do not allow clients to place precious metals in retirement accounts because they are static assets that cannot be traded. In fact, many commissioned advisors don’t want you to know that you’re able to place physical precious metals in your retirement account by simply setting up a Self Directed Gold IRA.

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