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What makes us different?

Description vs Prescription: Anyone sharing the wisdom inherent in owning precious metals is your friend. Many gold dealers have the right description of the problems in the US, however give investors the wrong prescription.

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Gold Bullion vs Rare Coins

You made the right decision to own precious metals. The next question is: what kind? Not all precious metals are created equal. Reclaimed dental gold filings or gold dust might be chemically identical to a American Gold Eagle, however they are not investment-grade precious metal products.

Bullion coins are very simple. The value of a bullion coin like the Gold American Eagle is based on the market value of its precious metal content, not its face value or collector value. See the Gold Eagle specifications here. There is absolutely zero collector value to a bullion coin. The US Mint makes hundreds of thousands of Gold Eagles every year.

Numismatic coins are collectables. Hobbyists look for mint-made errors on coins, souvenir medallions, rare mintings, etc. The numismatic value of these coins is separate from the market value of its precious metal content, and often much disputed. The “numismatic premium” is a source of much grief in the precious metals world and also why Gold Eagle IRA does not transact in these collector coins. Be wary of any “slabbed” coin sealed in a hard plastic case. Call us with any questions.

*Gold Eagle Proof Coins fall under the category of collectables. A proof coin may be a limited mintage with a rarity premium, but our investors (and their future buyers) simply want to own the value of the precious metals.

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