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About Gold Eagle IRA

Gold Eagle IRA was founded to bring the highest quality precious metals to the American People.

Gold Eagle IRA is a national provider for a wide range of physical products including investment-grade precious metals. We also connect our valued clients with all coin and bar brokerage services. Gold Eagle IRA securely offer our clients four modern forms of bullion in coin and bar form.

Our CEO, Scott Mickelson, hails from Des Moines, Iowa, and he grew up knowing the value of commodity assets.

Initially gaining his expertise while trading commodities futures in California, Scott saw a better value in simply owning a hard asset rather than betting on its price.

Scott returned to Iowa in order to instill honest values into a gold bullion service that provides our client with trusted advise and proven results.

The birth of Gold Eagle IRA is an expansion of our national services intended to build and protect individual wealth across the United States.


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

At Gold Eagle IRA, our convictions hold us to one simple truth.

We the People have a right to keep what property we own, and not watch its value decreased through detrimental and destructive monetary policies.

In order to secure our rights and pursue proper stewardship over our earned wealth, we declare to hold in tangible trust what cannot be taken from us through the wanton printing of paper currency.

Our Founding Fathers believed that only gold and silver be eligible for honest and secure commerce. It is our mission to honor this vision with modern strategies and connect our clients with the same trusted truth.

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