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Why Gold Eagle IRA?

Investing in alternative investments such as physical gold and silver is as common an investment as the ones on Wall Street. The appeal is obvious for those who are knowledgeable about the alternative investments market.

What isn’t as common, however, is investors accessing capital via their retirement funds to invest in gold and silver bullion. Despite it being a legal and decades-old tool, the Self-Directed IRA is an unknown commodity to most Americans.

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Gold prices have increased
30% since the beginning of 2020

The ability to pivot off Wall Street with your retirement investing is very appealing for those who feel more confident putting their money in alternatives like gold and silver. They understand that world better and harbor less concerns about market swings and the impact of economic downturn. Investing in precious metals with your IRA is likely something you never thought was possible, yet it is being done by savvy investors more and more as awareness of Self-Directed IRAs increases.

For example, Gold prices have increased 30% since the beginning of 2020. Current investors are pleased with their returns and eager to invest more, but their personal funds are tapped.

Fortunately, the Self-Directed IRA solves investors’ concerns by allowing them to utilize their retirement funds for alternative investments. Instead of languishing in a volatile and possibly stagnant traditional IRA, the investors’ retirement money can be invested in physical precious metals with which they can then take possession of as they wish.

By investing in a Self-Directed IRA, you can utilize your retirement funds in ways about which traditional investing firms such as Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, etc. intentionally leave you in the dark. Those companies often fail to inform you about self-directed investing due to it not being in their best interest financially.

Rest assured, however: A Self-Directed IRA is often the most powerful tool an investor can have. Simply put, it is a tax-advantaged retirement account that keeps no investment opportunity off-limits, save for collectibles and life insurance. The IRA is held by a custodian, just like a traditional one, except you are fully free to build your portfolio with investments you have more experience and familiarity with, as opposed to the complex and volatile stock market.

The empowerment investors receive by investing in a Self-Directed IRA often lead to better choices, as their confidence in their investments is likely higher. The stock market is often complex and anxiety-inducing for those who aren’t experts. Many find themselves thinking, “I wish I could invest my retirement in something I know well.”

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If you are one of these investors,
a Self-Directed IRA perfectly suits your needs.

Through a simple process of rolling your IRA funds over from your current custodian, your Self-Directed IRA will be primed and ready for the exact investment in which you are interested. When you settle that decision, all you have to do is authorize your custodian to complete the transaction and your IRA can officially be a proud stacker of physical precious metals like Gold and Silver American Eagle Coins, the most popular form of bullion in the world.

With the same ease which you would be passively investing your money on Wall Street, you can be more confidently investing in alternative investments that possess the opportunity for greater returns. Additionally, you simply feel better about where your money is being held. Your retirement fund is extremely important and precious; its stability and potential for growth should be catered for that level of importance.

The Self-Directed IRA is not just a powerful tool that could help maximize your retirement, but also a tool that can deliver you peace of mind. Don’t settle for uncertainty when thinking about your retirement. Take control of your investments and make money in the best way you know how with the Self-Directed IRA.

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